Power amplifier 5W MOSFET; 20W GaN HEMT

S-band power amplifier 2,2 - 2,3 + 2,3 - 2,5 and 2,5 - 2,7GHz Band

Amplifiers are highly linear MOSFET (operation in class A or AB) suitable for all kinds of digital and analog modulation. They have control the transmitted output power, over and reverse polarity voltage protection, measure indoor temperature (° C for all models ), Other frequencies and wattages upon request.
Applications Broadband RF Telemetry RF Communication Systems Test Labs HAM TV

Characteristic data
power amplifier S band
Frequency (GHz)
2,2...2,3; 2,5...2,7
Gain (small signal) 25 dB 25 dB
Output power P1dB (CW) 5W 20W
DC voltage / current 12V / 2A max. 28 / 1,2A and 9-12V / 0,5A
Impedance in / out
50 Ω
Connector in
Connector out
Monitoring output power
yes diode detector
Monitoring of temperature
Type 5P2223 20P220258/25
Dimension of case (mm) 80 x 60 x 23 80 x 60 x 23
Weight 162g 162g
Material of case
milled aluminium
Price 249,00 € 399,00€

GaN power amplifier S-Band
GaN HEMT power amplifier 20W; gain 25 dB  

AFCH of GaN HEMT power amplifier 20W  


S-band power amplifier 5W; gain 25 dB  

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