S - Band power amplifier 30W; 60W

MMDS - power amplifier

MMDS power amplifier 2,2 - 2,3; 2,3 - 2,5; and 2,5 - 2,7GHz Band
Amplifiers are highly linear MOSFET (operation in class A or AB) suitable for all kinds of digital and analog modulation. They have control the transmitted output power, over and reverse polarity voltage protection, measure indoor temperature (° C for all models ), single DC supply 12V DC. Other frequencies and wattages upon request.
Applications Broadband RF Telemetry RF Communication Systems Test Labs

Characteristic data
power amplifier 30W and 60W
Frequency (GHz)
2,2...2,3; 2,3...2,5; 2,5...2,7
Gain (small signal) 13 dB 32 dB
Output power P1dB (CW) 30W 60W
DC voltage / current 12V / 4,6A max. 12 / 13A max.
Impedance in / out
50 Ω
Connector in
Connector out
Monitoring output power
yes diode detector
Monitoring of temperature
Type 30P2223 POAM-2,1/2,3S
Dimension of case (mm) 105 x 60 x 23 210 x 65 x 23
Weight 230g 455g
Material of case
milled aluminium
Price 479,00 € 629,00€

S-band power amplifier 30W; gain 13 dB  

S-band power amplifier 60W; gain 32 dB  

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